New Logo

Great Western Decorum is a Ebay store based out of sunny southern California. Specializing in authentic jerseys and memorabilia. They were looking for a new logo and banners to help sell their sports related items.

The owners wanted a design that was based off the western conference logo with their name instead. Recreated the logo from scratch in Illustrator to get a custom look and feel.

Ebay Banners

The client provided images of their jerseys to cut out and place in the banners. I then cut them out and touch any up and layered them in an appealing way.

With having the option to display a banner on their eBay store, they wanted something to catch the attention of their customer. Most people are buying a jersey or sport memorabilia to remember their favorite moment or game. Different banners were made to show lakers jerseys, while the other two show all types of jerseys that they sell.